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Aslan’s system could only frustrate the second step, the first step was beyond its impediment. It was attacking Wang Zheng, who was in the cockpit.


Bolet nodded. Her thoughts were very clear. This was Wang Zheng’s dilemma. If he were to gamble on the first match and Aragon did not come on, then the team battle would be the decider. However, if Wang Zheng did not start first, and the Warrior Soul battle team took the first win, then they would be forced into a passive situation. Aragon would definitely attack Wang Zheng. The Warrior Soul battle team had the capabilities to take three consecutive straight wins.


Aragorn finally came to understand Mars feelings. It was as if he had been entangled in a deep abyss. He felt that his arms were no longer his. Slowly, his body also felt that it no longer belonged to him. Only his determination remained!


Such power was leader level. But the only leader level person on island B was Olivios. But it was unthinkable that Olivios would help them. More importantly, this was not something that was in character for Olivios.


Egoistic. Very egoistic. Because the first half was heavy, and then the next half was light. But nobody disputed it. Because what she said was the truth, and her words had already incited their ambition.


Everyone finally saw the retreat of the Zerg tribe. There was only the Golden Wheel Battle King. It was a battle of the gods!

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A second after the attack, the Phantom King’s avatar shattered. The real body was still in front. The Phantom King was facing the God of Warfare. Jondi Lilick’s anger shot straight to his brain. The energy shield blocked forcefully, and the long golden blade in his hand struck down with full force.


The Dynasty battle team was truly wildly ambitious before the match. Although they were low-profile, it could be seen. Their physical techniques were tyrannical, and with the addition of two Earth-rank warriors, they were really planning to fight it out. However, in front of the Zero Degrees battle team’s tactics, they had no ability to counterattack at all.


Thirty-two Runic Matrices lit up in mid air. The azure blue color lit the sky. Thirty-two Rune Seismic Cannons were aimed at Wang Zheng.


Haha, I am hoping that Saruman Snake will be in the finals. I think a lot of people here are hoping for the same thing too. Of course, this is a tall order. Wang Zheng, create a miracle!


They were all a little numb, and looked to Yan Xiaosu. Yan Xiaosu still held the same expression, but in truth, even Mu Lei could not guess what Yan Xiaosu had done. This Bosh Keelung was quite a powerful person, and one of the leaders in Newcastle, and also a distant relative of the Keelung family. Damn, what could scare him like this?


This feeling upset Lear tremendously. He loved to be in control. Everything had been smooth sailing before reaching semi-finals. He had earned honour and hope. However, he was being controlled in every way as soon as he met Sword Shield Rose.


In recent years, it was difficult to produce an attractive mech. The Storm Swordsman, the Wind God, the Giant Mech, and then the space box. It was a rare bright spark in the saturated mecha market.



A cruel sliding cleave, and Wang Zheng’s body seemed to have reached its limit. A flash of frosty light swept past. Just as it was about to land, Wang Zheng suddenly twisted away, a leg sweeping out. Qiankun Zadeh leaped up. Wang Zheng, supported with one hand, lashed out with a leg.



From today onwards, the title of the bravest warriors will have to go to the Titans, said Jondi Lilick softly. Using the physical body to confront a mech, even a super warrior would never even dare to think of doing this. Even if the attacking strength was sufficient, the defensive strength would be far from sufficient.


At present, internal politics were stable. If Aina refused to make a local choice, then she had to find a foreigner. Whether it was Arbiter or Manalasuo, it would be of prodigious use to Aslan.


The list of the mecha required by the eight teams would be allocated to the competition field. Everyone would adapt their time and training accordingly. At the same time, the mecha would be under surveillance.

  • Silence. Everything stopped in an instant. The thunder and lightning also stopped.
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