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“In this case, I don’t think it is necessary to stop the Milky Way Alliance from entering. These people may possess a gene of the Oracle. As a last resort, destroying the Oracle Star would be the only option. I will deal with the Milky Way Alliance. The dispatch of the fleet has been postponed.”


The Mayans had lifted their sanctions, so had the Atlanteans. They were allowed to freely release their spiritual power to communicate with the universe and unleash the mysteries of the runes. The power of the runes was stronger than the G-particles of the humans.


In the defensive, the Hercules used both its arms and legs, resisting the attacks of the Fighting Spirit, but the Fighting Spirit was using its full strength. This move, the Drilling Cannon, was completed yet again. The power of vigorous metal frantically penetrated into Wang Zhengs body.


There were many incidents in the Milky Way Alliance every year. Although S-level incidents had many repercussions, not all of them could be resolved. To be exact, many cases remained as case files.


In an instant, a temporary layer of energy shield appeared on the surface of Wind God, blocking the attack, collapsing at the same time. Zhang Shan’s Wind God swayed a bit before taking the opportunity to retreat. This was within Hu Ya’s predictions. The ability to accumulate a magnetic shield using the magnetic force was something a Wind God pilot must hold. If not, how would they have the face to use this mech? As a mechanic, this was evidently clearer to Hu Ya.


Ai Xiaolu did not know what Wang Zheng was up to. Snow and her were good friends, but did Wang Zheng not know the importance of this battle?

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Luckily, the government meeting had officially started, and everyone took their places. The content of the meeting focused on government announcements of economic plans, in the hopes of fostering better relationships with businessmen. At the same time, they announced the governments’ targets, purchases, and contracts in the new term.


He looked at Zhang Zhun staring mouth agape, as though he was some monster.


What a pity. The overall strength of Saruman Snake has dragged Wang Zheng down after all. Honestly, if a group was selected from the traditional powerful nations and they were paired up with Wang Zheng, he would be invincible.


At the sound of an explosion, Lie Xin struck. The mechs fists, burning with white flames, punched towards the opponent.


Yao Ailun could no longer hold back his tears. He was indeed not resilient enough. He was just a physicist. He could not understand the heart of a warrior.


Maybe Hinrich did not demonstrate the full potential of this strength. But what was great about him was that he had developed a new method of usage of the mech. To imply that it had extraordinary potential was not an exaggeration.


At that moment, Mu Zhen was shaving a blowgun with experience. All Tita soldiers were experts in this regard, and now, with the human-made advanced titanium blades, it was almost too easy. Giants were big, but not stupid. Their hands were very agile, and Mu Zhen’s human blood made him even more clever. Without Ability X, and with hot weapons, the Tita people were the kings of the jungle.



“Dead serious. Chairman Yan, what do you say? If not, 20% will do as well. But any less and I cannot answer for it. Do you see this favorably?” Bosh had actually taken the initiative to undercut the offer. It did not matter how much he earned. The important thing was to appease those above him.



It was no surprise that Lin Feng chose the Knight of Holy Light. The whole world had to admit that Aslans Holy Light series would definitely start a round of arms reform and competition. They had also prepared for a long time before making a big bang on the SIG stage. In terms of the promotion of the mech, they had already won the world over.


The contenders from both sides entered their mecha. Mars lightly wrinkled his eyebrows. Hercules. He had indeed been defeated in the hands of the Hercules, but that was Wang Zheng’s Hercules, not some other person’s. In Wang Zheng’s hands, astonishing strength could explode through the Hercules, but in a majority of people’s hands, it was of little value because this mech’s functions were too basic.


To a certain degree, it was her selfishness. Of course, Aina was a better choice to be the queen, inheriting the legacy of Aslan. Similarly, as the current heir, she had lost a great deal. She wanted Huiyin to have the freedom to live the way she liked.

  • It was clearly not possible for the Solar System to revert back to the strength of the olden days, as history could only progress, but the Milky Way Alliances structure could undergo tremendous changes on a large scale.
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