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“Vital energy does not mean that there is life. Under different circumstances of disturbances, the scanning results would show very different results. On the constellation map, through observations from space, it could be seen that this could be a space collapse. A turbulence in the space collapse could cause the scan results to show that it is a planet with life.”


Until victory presented itself, who would dare to comment? A battle at such a level was already beyond what the average person could predict. Any sort of variance could happen at any time. However, everyone seemed to have seen some hope. This was like the never-ending darkness before dawn, yet a ray of light would suddenly appear.


“Aragorn, 23, Warrior Soul College. Son of the second biggest family on Arbiter, and also one of the faces of the younger generation of Arbiter. Their family’s political inclinations are rather compatible with our future plans.”


Zhang Zhun clutched his chest and walked back. Given his ability, he knew that Wang Zheng had pulled his punch. He was of a completely different level. His whole body was thrumming with pain, but it could not quench the frenzied fire in Zhang Zhun’s eyes.


Aina was not naive enough to press Kashawen because of this victory. She knew that the battle was not over yet. Just as Kashawen had said, advancing forward would only make it even tougher for himself. With Wang Zhengs current condition, how could he face five Atlantean warriors?


Geez. Arent you embarrassed? Dont think its easy to fool me because Im a kid. You? He could take you down with just a finger.

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In the first match… the Iron and Iron and Steel battle team put in their best effort. The first person to take on the match was their captain, Ergas!


Kashawen saw through her secretary at once. She knew that this was high praise. Actually… Kashawen’s own evaluation was higher. If that were not the case, she would not have to personally intervene back then just to break them apart.


It was not known who started shouting first, but at this moment, the only name in the entire Milky Way Alliance was this name.


All the masters who were present were expressionless, but they were filled with conflicting emotions. Wang Zheng was making use of Jondi Lilick for his Ability X adaptation. After finishing off Gonzalez within seconds in the last match, everyone had been studying him, and the final conclusion was that Wang Zheng had resisted the dark power traits using some force similar to the pure force of the balance of the Five Elements. A single element of the Five Elements alone could not have resisted the dark power. Therefore, Wang Zheng must have mastered each element of the Five Elements.


The Overlord struggled with all its might, and the Rune Sword pierced through.


This was a technique that he had not wanted to expose. But if he did not use it now, he would not be able to save this arena.


“Does this fellow’s brain have problems? If the first-rate alloy lance could be broken so easily, he might as well hold a bamboo.” Zhang Shan pouted. He liked acting dumb, but he did not like others doing so.



A full force attack followed by an instant teleportation. This would be much faster and almost impossible to dodge. But Hu Ya’s teleportation followed by a full force circular kick involved too many movements, and was way too slow.



Three days ago, when he was trapped in a swamp, awaiting death, he had met the team Meng Tian had brought and escaped death. Meng Tian personally pulled him, who had already lost all his strength, out of the moss.


It was at this moment that everyone detected a layer of faint golden shimmer on the surface of González the Storm Swordsman… What was the power of this element?


It felt like all was quiet, and Zhang Shan gingerly climbed out… There wasn’t a single hair around. What the hell?

  • Kashawen looked at the young prince from Atlantis. The young prince seemed to be as calm as before. There was even a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth.
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